Thursday, February 12, 2009

Baby Buddha

I've been thinking about getting a baby sling for this time around.

I understand some people swear by them, other people try them out and don't like them at all. I think I would like it more - if nothing else I can carry the kid around on my hip when they are a bit older and it's a bit easier on my arms. But if I like it when Bean is brand new, might be easier to spend time with Duncan but keep Bean close to me.

So in all my research I've come across Baby Buddha, which is a Canadian company, and seems to pop up again and again as one of the better/best baby slings. The biggest problem is the price - eek! About $120-130. I've seen some used ones on Craigslist, so that's an option. And some are even reasonable ($45 - which in comparison to brand new is not too bad) but other people as asking $90-$100! For used! Duh, I'd rather pay the extra $30 and buy it new thank you.

Anyhow - baby wearers out there - what's you opinion? Have you tried one? Like it? Tips? Hints?


Nancy said...

I had a Maya Wrap when Alex was a baby, it's a ring sling and I never got the thing worked out right. I found one I liked when Zach was a baby but the price prevented me from buying it. I ended up using the Baby Bjorn with both of them, though Alex liked it a lot better than Zach did.

ck said...

I used a Moby Wrap. It took a few times to figure out how to actually wrap it around my body (it's literally one huge piece of material) but it was FANTASTIC. It gives the baby - and your back - great support Totally worth the money. I got a new one on ebay for a little cheaper than what it's sold for online. And I think Target is starting to carry the line.

Elizabeth said...

Carole, talk to Kay. She's used one with James right from the beginning.

Anonymous said...

I am interested in this baby option too. No babys Yet over here but I am thinking about the sling. Be sure to post what you find out - decide