Friday, February 20, 2009

Today didn't go exactly as planned

Warning. Lots of rambling, and probably more information about my day than you care to hear about.

I believe I mentioned previously my plan for my Friday off was to sleep in, hang out with my boys, we'd drop Blue off at Mazda for the 3-week check up. I wanted to pop over to Monkey Business and pick up my 1/2 price Baby Buddha, then the maternity store for nursing bras, come home, hang out with my boys more, veg. or nap while Duncan did, and then perhaps grocery shopping for the weekend so I wouldn't have to do it on Saturday.

How today actually turned out:
I did sleep in, but I sleep so bad lately I was waking up at least once an hour from 5:15 (when we normally get up during the week) through 7:30 when Duncan finally woke up, and I had to get ready to go.
Up with the boys, throw on some clothes, out the door from a crying son who didn't want me to go. Over to the lab. Appointment at 8:15, wait 10 minutes, 1st blood at 8:30, sit for an hour, rinse, repeat at 9:30, 10:30, last blood at 11:30. I will admit the worst part of it was not being hungry (I had to fast, so I basically went from dinner around 6 the night before through noon today with nothing other than water), but I had a mean headache, which I woke up with, but I think having no food made it worse. And it was boring! The glucose drink is still like McDonalds orange drink (remember the stuff they used to give you at sports days, school/church picnics, etc....?) that hasn't been diluted, or super concentrated orange crush. That I can handle. I loaded my iPod with some video and brought my book, but even that in the end was just dull. I wasn't allowed to walk around b/c I would burn off the sugar and skew the results. Anyhow, it's done so let's hope results are negative. If not, then I adjust my diet. Oh well. Probably not a bad thing.
Run over to meet the boys as we had an appointment at Duncan's new pre-school at 11:45. Nikki's oldest goes there already, so Duncan has been there before, and the people recognize him. I like it. It's near our home, right beside our church where my Mom, Duncan's Oma, works. So we got him signed up for September 2 days a week, mornings.
Then we went to McDonalds for lunch b/c I needed food now, and it was lunch time.
After Duncan was down for a nap, shower and back out the door. I still wanted to go to Monkey Business. Okay, the place was a zoo. Of course the Baby Buddha's had sold out 1st thing in the morning, and I picked up some stuff at 70% off for baby gifts for other people but the line up was so long and moving so slow... I stood in line for over 20 minutes and guessed with the people around me that we were going to be at least another 20. So I gave up and left. Not their fault, and I'm glad they had such a successful sale. No biggy on the wrap, we'll figure it out when Bean shows up, and it doesn't have to be a Baby Buddha. What irks me though is if I had shown up at 10 AM like I had wanted, I would have been able to pick one up.
Here is where things kind of turned around. I went to the maternity store and tried on some bras, figured out what size I need. Nice lady.
I was picking up a brand new set of bed sheets from a Freecycler, so went out there. (Nice sheets!).
Back into town. Duncan's Grandpa Bob had sent some money for Christmas (which never showed up, so the money order was reissued, so I went and grabbed his late Christmas present from a local toy store and it turns out on the 20th everything is 20% off. Sweet!
Over to Starbucks for some latte's and we got both drinks for free! They said there is some promotion where the bottom of the cup has a sticker on it the drink is free, and both drinks had it. Nice!
Got to spend some time outside with Duncan while he jumped in puddles. We popped out to the store for some stuff and then Bill picked up Blue who now has tinted windows, treated upholstry, and some protection thing on the paint outside. Looks nice!
Duncan ate an awesome dinner (so glad his appetite is back), and bath time.
Warning, a bit of ick here. A bit of oops with bath time and there was a poo incident. Poor kid was so upset. And he had told me that he was all done but I was "oh, let's play in the bubbles a little more". Anyhow, the bathtub and all his bath toys are now thoroughly disinfected, and he is in bed. And I think asleep.
We were going to start him in his bed tonight, but we're all so bagged, he's in his crib. We'll get there.
And now frozen pizza is in the oven (dinner of champions), and I have a Magic Bag around my neck to help with this stinkin' headache. Poor Bill has a sinus/cold thing and feels like crud. He's supposed to be heading out to his Buddy's place tomorrow for the afternoon/evening, but I wonder how long he will make it.
And it means Duncan and I are on our own tomorrow. I think it will be fun. I'll drag him around to a few places, but I look forward to time with my boy as I feel it was kind of robbed from me today.


Laura said...

Sounds like you had quite the day! The poo incident is funny in a sick sort of "i've been there done that" way.

I hope you get a negative on your test!

Elizabeth said...

About the poo incident (funny how we pick up on that...)did you see the movie "Shine"? Just remember that poo is all organic...don't worry about it!

Carole said...

Actually the poo didn't bother me. It just seems to be one of those things. No different than cleaning a particularly dirt bum :) But yes, I was thinking about Shine and that scene. Except he was grown up, so it was more gross. :P

Anonymous said...

Oh, I remember the glucose test! I was snacking on bananas in the middle of the night and it skewed my potassium and I had to go back for a second one!
And I can;t think how many swimming lessons my kids have had cancelled over the years because someone has poo-ed in the pool!