Wednesday, February 4, 2009


Okay further to my last post about Sirius radio, I was looking into it and I'm thinking "I'm pretty sure there is extra hardware required to make it work in ours". But my brother said "well call the dealership and find out b/c it came preinstalled on a few of my vehicles." So I called the dealership and sure enough I was informed that the fancier model (you know the one that probably cost $10 grand more but has leather seats) has it installed, but for us to install it would be, are you ready for this? $900!!!! Isn't that insane?! Crazy. If we ever opt for that I'll just go for the version that mounts on the dashboard. Whew. It would be fun to have but certainly not something we need. The biggest draw for me was the idea of having kids stations. I'll just fill my iPod with Wiggles and Backyardigans and Duncan can listen to that.

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Nancy said...

$900? Are you sure that's not supposed to be $90? Jon had Sirius hard wired into his previous car and it was not more than $100. He just has it dashboard-mounted now and that works just fine. My car came with XM so I didn't have to worry about it. We love the satellite though, it's awesome.