Monday, February 23, 2009

I do not have gestational diabetes! Yay!

I went for my 29 week check up today and they had already rec'd the results of my 3-hour glucose test, and I do not have gestational diabetes. yay! I wasn't really worried anyhow, but nice to know. I need to watch my diet, but I do anyhow, so it more or less means ignoring the bowl of chocolates and candies on my supervisor's desk about 5 feet away from me and sticking to the better for me stuff I bring from home.

Otherwise, the appointment was good. Ran a little long due to a delay about 2 couples ahead of us, but Bean's heart rate is good, and the baby has turned around, so that's good. Next check up in 3 weeks.

As of today, 6 weeks left at work! Yay! And can you smell spring in the air? Ahhh... I've moved back to my spring jacket and it's nice!

Weekend was good. It was my Mom's birthday so Duncan and I were over both on Saturday and Sunday. Poor Bill has been feeling quite miserable, and yesterday realized it was one of his wisdom teeth. So he saw the dentist today, and yes it is infected. So he got some antibiotics and T3s to hold him over and it gets yanked next Wednesday. Yuck. But hopefully he feels better soon.

Alright, bed time. Night night!


Anonymous said...

Good to hear that you are clear, hurray!
I was reading your Friday one too, some bad luck but then some really good luck, cool.

6 weeks left eh? Luck girl. I will pray for them to go fast for you.

Love ya lots
Ronnie B

Laura said...

Good news! I love your new page -looks awesome -

Carole said...

Thanks! I got the background from Cutest Blog on the block or some such. Someone told me about it and I thought "mine could use some sprucing!"