Saturday, November 1, 2008

Time change?

It used to be the time change meant getting an extra hour of sleep. Now all it means is that Duncan will be up at 6:30-7:00 instead of 7:30-8:00 tomorrow. It also means he'll be tired for bed at 6:30, not 7:30. He'll adjust in a bit. But it certainly does not mean more sleep for us!

Weekend if 1/2 done. Halloween was fun. Duncan refused to dress up, so he went as a little boy. People thought that was quite amusing. Now we have more candy than we need, and he doesn't really eat candy. It will literally take months to get through.

Today I was going to go shopping at Metrowtown Old Navy for some maternity clothes (nearest ON that sells them). That's didn't happen. Poor Roo was up a good bit of the night with a fever related to teething. We finally got settled again around 3. He did sleep in, but just was not feeling too well today. So when he went down for a nap, so did I! Then grocery shopping, back home... Theresa came over and we rented The Incredible Hulk. I think we all quite enjoyed it.

Tomorrow we have a showing at 3:30 (only our 4th since going on the market!). So I think in the afternoon we might go swimming and possibly to the library.

Bill is still off work. He doesn't know if he is getting better. He thinks so. They did the needle in the eye thing again last Wednesday. Yep, it's as uncomfortable as it sounds.

And now on a side note. I'm watching the news about Orion Hutchinson's tragic death. As an RCMP office is involved, Tim Shields gave a statement. (I forget if he is still constable or now captain and I don't want to bother researching it). Anyhow, I think Tim has a hard job. I think it sucks that people come down so hard on the police when there are so many hard working good policemen out there. But you do get the odd bad apple - it's going to happen. And having to stand up in front of a camera and acknowledge that... well you're the face people connect with that negativity. I think Tim is doing a good job.

And finally, FINALLY the US elections are next week. I am so looking forward to this all being done.

Good night!

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