Thursday, November 27, 2008

Irksome things and Misc. items

It irks me when a lot of people are getting on the Skytrain and one of the 1st people on decides they want to stand right in front of the door, so everyone else has to squeeze by them. Over all my Skytrain experience isn’t too horrible – not as bad as I thought it would be, and hey, only 4 more months of it. But anyhow, that annoys me.

Another thing that irks me – our company pension plan. I realized the other day that yes, I’m probably a lifer here (unless the 6-49 comes through, but I’m not counting on that). In order to qualify for a full pension I need 35 years of pension contribution (okay, that’s normal) and I need to be age 62. I started working for the company at age 22. Do the math. I will need to work here for 5 extra years beyond my pension contributions in order to get a full pension. Please shoot me if I’m still here at 62. No, don’t bother, I’ll probably be curled up under my desk crying.

Okay, for the record – it is a good company to work for! Don’t get me wrong! I wouldn’t still be here if they didn’t take good care of their employees. However, why can’t it be 35 years service, then full pension? It’s like you’re punished for starting to work for them at a young age. Oh well.

In other news… I think Tara got engaged (she said yes). We’re really happy for you and Chris, Tara. All the best.

Bean is doing well. As far as I can tell at least.

So is Duncan. He turns 2 on Monday! His party is going to be total chaos – yay!

Oh one more thing that irks me. My Wii Fit game does not allow “pregnancy” as a reason why you’ve put on weight. So when I use it, and it weighs me, I feel guilty! That’s not fair! But I’m glad I worked out last night!

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Tanya said...

ROFL!! I'm going to write Nintendo a strongly worded letter.