Monday, July 14, 2008

Weekend Summary

Over all it was a good weekend. Duncan and I drove Bill out to Langley for a Geekfest on Saturday morning (they played RockBand and then saw Hellboy 2 in the evening). That was a long drive! 200th St. Exit off the #1 was closed due to construction, and 176th Street is being widened, so we got stuck in traffic for that – on a Saturday! So anyhow it was 1 before Duncan and I got back. Gave him lunch, let him run around outside in his little car while I chatted with my friend Lisa in New Mexico, and then nap time. I sat outside and read my book for a while… ahhh… it was nice. I rented “PS I Love You” and “27 Dresses”. Theresa and I watched PS together. It was cute, I’m sorry though Hilary Swank just doesn’t cut it as a Romantic lead for me. Although Gerard Butler – yum! That was a little bit of alright. *grin*.

Sunday morning Duncan and I walked over to the Hospital and visited with my Oma and my Mom who has been there pretty much all day every day. I’m glad we went. Oma lit up (as much as possible) when she saw Duncan. Bill came by and picked him up about 20 minutes later and then I stayed for about an hour and Dad gave me a lift home. I don’t think it will be long now. She’s can’t swallow, so eating and drinking are non-existent. So if not today, tomorrow. Funeral is on Friday. So weird to be talking about the funeral of someone who hasn’t even passed away yet. Mom seems to be doing okay, but she’s tired and I know this is taking a lot out of her.

Anyhow, the afternoon was nice and laid back. I watched 27 Dresses, which I enjoyed. Simple, story been done a hundred times in it’s base form, but it was good. Duncan played outside with some of the other kids on our end in the sprinkler while Bill and I chatted with some of the neighbours – it was nice. Duncan did not want to go inside, but he fell asleep really quick last night, so he got some good playing in.

And now it’s Monday! Time to get some work done. I’m off Friday no matter what, so it’s a short week. I’m hoping we might be able to get a sitter on Saturday and go see Batman – The Dark Knight, and go for dinner. I’ll need to ask around.

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Tanya said...

That funeral bit is totally surreal. My heart goes out to you guys and I'm glad you're getting a chance to say goodbye.