Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Random things

Nancy - I've been finding that with Facebook too - a new sudden influx of people. It seems to go in waves. Even my Dad joined!!

Tanya - I meant to tell you how awesome I thought it was that you left Warren with Tara overnight. We never would have done that! I told Bill and he said "I don't think it even occurred to us to do that". You guys rock. I'm glad you didn't have kids today - I know you would have done fine, but much easier without.

Jennifer - yay on new (to you) van. I hope Six is doing well.

Theresa came home to a pipe that had burst upstairs - leaking through the ceiling into the living room... it's pretty nasty. Please pray for her b/c it's going to take a bit to get it all sorted out and floors replaced and ceiling pulled and fixed etc... We've offered her to come over and use shower/toilet facilities as needed, but I hope she's not out of home for a while.

How sweet is this? Following my annoyed post about the Wii Fit Bill went on a hunt to see if he could find one from somewhere else so we could "show them". He didn't find one, but what a sweetie for looking. It's stuff like that which makes him the best man in the world to me.

Tee hee hee...I got two random hits on my blog for putting Gerard Butler in there. He's yummy. So is Ben Browder. I'm just putting that out there.

And finally an update on my Oma - she's still hanging in there! The doctor can't even explain it and says "I still stand by what I said a week ago - 24-48 hours". We've been by to visit on Sunday and Monday. Mom had the day "off" while Auntie Elizabeth (Mom's sister) came out to be with Oma. It really won't be long now - days, who knows... but please pray for an ease of passing when it comes.


Tanya said...

Did they actually call you? Did you check your call display?
Thanks for this sweet blog. I think you just made us all feel very listened to.
Andre and I wanted to practice time without Warren to help us continue life in a family. One day we're going to want him to stay ith his grandparents, and we don't want it to be a gong show.

PrincessButtercup said...

I will be praying for Theressa's house for sure! And indeed I second Tanya's remark about feeling so warm, plus I hope that everyone will be okay when your Oma meets up with God :) Hugs

Carole said...

Tanya - yes I did check the call display - and they did call. So where they fell short was not leaving a message. It was just that though - annoying.

I'm all about leaving the baby with other people - I just don't think I could have done it when he was that young -but good on you!! Mind you, I was still nursing ever 2-3 hours at that point. We're going to start leaving Duncan with Mom and Dad in the fall I think - just over night or what not. He's certainly old enough. The only reason we're not doing it now is that there is too much going on this summer for Mom to take him.