Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Wednesday (for lack of a better subject line)

I screwed up my blog. I was playing around with settings, forgot to back up my old format and lost a few of the small things I had added in - like my blog list. So now I will need to build a new one - but when I get back.

Got my hair done tonight. Looks good - and quite blonde (really!) but, eek, it was expensive! I knew there was a reason I wasn't getting it done more often. It was fun to have Tim (my hair dresser) do it though, and I'm very happy with the end result.

Spa appointment booked for Saturday. It's a good thing my husband loves me and lets me do this and also that I don't do this too often that he won't let me when I want to :)

Two more days of work and then two weeks of vacation! Yay! That's going to be fun.

It really, really sounds like our suburban office is going to be a mere 6 km away once the new Golden Ears Bridge opens up next year. I can not say how thrilled I am that work will probably be this close to home. I can't even comprehend a 10-15 minute commute, or the option to bike to work, or walk if I want... the option to come home at lunch if I need to b/c I forgot something, or need to get Duncan... I take back being upset a few weeks back. 'Pologize! Now it's not 100%, but by the sounds of it, this is the location they are looking at (200th and 88th in Langley). Brand new building with a Starbucks in the parking lot (oh, and don't worry there, is a Tim's near by for those of you who prefer Mr. Horton's brew).

Speaking of Tim Hortons oh the one in Royal Centre has irked me for the last time and I now refuse to go there. They went to this stupid 3 line system - one for each cash, as opposed to one big line that goes to the next available cash. We waited in line for over 15 minutes!! It was just crazy. Tims - it's not working with the 3 line system and I know other people who won't go there any more either. Fix it!

Good night


Tanya said...

There's a long list of Tim Horton's haters in our family.

Wyndsong said...

LOL...I am not a huge fan of the Tim's employees...the donuts are good...the coffee...take it or leave it...but the employees SUCK.

I am looking forward to seeing your hair tomorrow....see ya very early sunshing...

Tanya said...

Also, can I see a picture of your hair?