Wednesday, July 16, 2008


Today I'm annoyed. Theresa and I have been trying to track down Wii Fits for quite some time now, and while at Rogers Video a few weeks ago I asked if they had any - no but you can put your name on a list and they will give you one when it comes in. On Saturday I checked "where am I on the list?" 6th they said. Today Theresa emails "hey I got mine! Did you get yours?" What? She was after me on the list. So I called Rogers (loyal cell phone customer for 12 years now)

Me: "Umm... what's going on?" (okay I didn't ask that way - I explained the situation)
Rogers: "Oh you must not have responded when we called."
Me: "Do your normally leave messages?"
Rogers: "normally"
Me: "Well you didn't. So do you have one for me?"
Rogers: "Let me check... no we don't, sorry."
Me: "Okay well would you please make a note beside my name to leave a message next time?"
Rogers: "Yes, I'll put a note beside your name."

I'm totally razzing Theresa "You >beep< I can't believe you stole my Wii Fit... " and she's totally having fun rubbing it in "ha ha I jumped the line and got it 1st..."

But all kidding aside - I'm glad she got hers b/c she also really wanted one, but I'm annoyed with Rogers! I need to go check my call display tonight and see if they did even call.

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Nancy said...

Oooh I want a Wii Fit so bad! You'll have to post how you like it. It's already on the top of my Christmas list.