Thursday, July 10, 2008

Lousy week

I haven't been writing just b/c it's been a cruddy week and I didn't feel like blogging with heightened emotions running rampant. But I'm doing better now, so it's okay.

After much prayer I learned yesterday that our 2nd office for work is going to be in Surrey/Langley. I'm incredibly disheartened. I was really praying that it would be closer that I could transfer and be closer to Duncan. But I need to believe the Lord has a plan for this family. Whether I hang on, or leave the company after baby #2, or whatever it is. We are in his hands.

But it was a cruddy few days. I finally wrote out all my concerns to my boss and we're meeting tomorrow to discuss. She's so good about it.

I got a call from my Mom tonight who is on the way to the hospital - my Oma (grandma) has taken a turn for the worse and may only have 24-48 hours left with us. This is with mixed feelings. Oma, quite honestly, was expected to die a year ago (last July) however has hung on. But her mind and her body have been slipping away for a while now, and while it would be sad - more so for my Mom, losing her Mom, it would also be a blessing for Oma. Please pray for our family during this time. I'll let you all know.


PrincessButtercup said...

It's so hard even as a Christian to have the faith that God in control. Losing a friend this week and Kevin's grandma at Christmas, I feel for you and pray that God will comfort you and your family as He brings you through this time of need.

Anonymous said...

Folks down in south Georgia thinking and praying for you and yours.