Monday, August 25, 2008

Misc. for Monday

Tanya - I totally forgot all the clothes you had along with you on Saturday to return to me. Sorry! This just means we need to get together again soon so I can take them off your hands.

I got a Wii Fit! Finally. This was actually my Mother's Day gift but we couldn't find one. I got the last one at SuperStore, so quite happy. Now I need to pull it out of the box and, gasp, use it.

Yesterday afternoon we put Duncan down for a nap and so I thought "ah ha, I'll have a few hours to quilt for once!" Yeah, not so much. He did not want to sleep, so I had everything pulled out, iron warmed up, even cut 5 whole strips of fabric, and had to pack it all away b/c there is no quilting when little boys are up.

Speaking of little boys, he was such a trooper this morning. He's been having a hard time adjusting going back to day care after vacation, so when we were ready to go he started to cry. I just said to him "You need to be a big boy and stop crying." And he did! I had to remind him a few times going over there, but with tears in his eyes, and a trembling lip I handed him over with no crying at all. He is such a sweet soul.


Tanya said...

Hiya Carole!! Yes, I remembered the box only when I got home again. Heh. It's back in it's spot in the storage room, otherwise known as "Spidey's Lair." I love haivng a reason to see you again. You guys rock! We'd love to come visit you guys.

PrincessButtercup said...

WiiFit eh? Please tell me how you like it, because I think it would be cool to have one Miiself ;) Hmm, OH YEAH! I think it's SO cool that you talk to Duncan like a big kid and that he responded! It's a great thing when they start understanding... hugs

Elizabeth said...

Isn't it heartbreaking to have to leave your little man behind...
Mark always had a terrible time with my leaving him right up until kindergarten and even beyond - now he starts teaching on Tuesday!