Monday, August 11, 2008

About Alaska

First I need to say I find it hilarious that Jilian's parents were on the same cruise and I didn't bump into them! Not to say we met everyone on board, but you would have thought... and I mention it to Bill "we sat with them at Tanya's wedding right?" "Yep" "Oh, now that I think about it I think I might have seen them..." I hope they also had a good time.

So yes, things went really well. We didn't go on any excursions - we just didn't think Duncan would be too keen on a 3 hour wild life sightseeing tour, and so we were totally content to wander around the various ports, take in the sights, and relax.

Duncan did so well! We knew he'd do 'good' but he actually lasted through 6 of our 7 2-hour meals at night. One night my Mom and Dad took him - but who can blame a 20 month old kid for getting restless? But otherwise he was totally content to hang out, make friends with all the crew (I'm not kidding...we'd be walking somewhere 'hi Duncan!' from people we didn't even know). He became known as the 'Hi Boy" b/c he said hi to everyone.

The weather was good over all. Juneau it rained, but we're kind of used to that and went on shore a few times during the day. Found a really good used books store there and so I think we all kind of stocked up on some stuff we'd been looking for.

Mom and Dad really got to spend their own time, and we didn't pester them too much - which I wanted to make sure of. However being able to use their room when Duncan went down to sleep made the trip work. We brought the monitor and it worked like a charm. We'd read, play games, just hang out, and so that was our down time too. Mom and Dad actually were at a different seating for dinner than us, but this also worked b/c we could use their room when Duncan went down then. They were however at the same table with the same wait staff, so they would get reports on how Duncan did at dinner that night :) Very sweet, Mom told them it is our anniversary (tomorrow - 8 years!) and so they sang for us and brought us cake to share with the table. That was fun.

And we also have this week off! We might go to the Zoo tomorrow, and on Saturday we're heading down to Jesse and Laura's for the summer BBQ. Unless my sister in law happens to schedule Jeff's 40th birthday party for that day - I've warned Laura we can't skip that if it comes up, so we'll see how it pans out.

I have a pineapple sitting on top of my fridge! Sweet!


Jill said...

My mom said that there were lots of kids on the cruise and that she spoke to one mom in a elevator who was crusing with her 20month old and that what made it doable was that one set of grandparents came on te trip too. Did you talk to anyone in the elevator?

Carole said...

Many times! Okay, I've only met your Mom once, but I'm embarassed if I did chat with her and didn't know it was her. But it certainly sounds like a conversation I had!