Saturday, April 7, 2012

Hey hey hey

Hello anyone who is still reading this!
Been a while. I always write blog posts in my mind, but never get around to actually sitting down to write something.
But really, there is nothing new to report. We're all doing well here.
Let's see... a gorgeous day here. Finally got the front yard cleaned up while Bill in the kids booted around in the back yard. The kids were outside almost all day except for meals and when Cordie was napping. We finally chatted with the neighbours about fixing the fence and they are totally up for it, so that's good. Nice people. 
We also plan on doing our deck this year. It's getting a little soft, and the stairs are shaky, so we're going to tear it down and build a bigger one. Yay! We need to get off our butts and get on that. We need quotes and stuff.
Bill is good. He'll be having foot surgery soon - they wanted to do it this Friday, but that was a little too soon for his tastes, so it will likely be in May. He'll be off for 2 months then.
Duncan is loving Kindergarten. He has ongoing encounters with the bully in his class, but we're keeping an eye on it, as is the teacher. We're thinking of putting Duncan in martial arts to give him a bit of self confidence, but it's a bit expensive! We will see. He is now a Star Wars addict. I know my boy is growing up, but he's lost all interest in Thomas, and it makes me sad because it does make me realize that he's getting bigger and interests are changing. It's hard to let go of my little boy. However, this age/stage is lots of fun too, so I won't lament too much.
Cordie is also good. She turns 3 next months and mentions her pending birthday party daily. She is loving the daycare she is going to, and we're really happy with the decision we made last fall. I'm actually on the board of directors now for the daycare, but have yet to make a meeting.
Bill and I went to Las Vegas in March. It was fun and we wish we could go more often. Mom and Dad, bless them, moved in and watched the kids for us. We almost missed our flight going down due to a silly border line up, but b/c we had done online check in and only had carry on bags, we did okay. It was quite cold there so I did not get as much pool time as I had wanted, but it was still good. Coming back the President of the USA flew in just as we were about to leave, so we were a bit late taking off. We got to see Air Force One though and that was cool.
Not other big plans for the year. I'm still on weight watchers but have not really changed in weight in months now. I need to exercise more. I've got the eating right now pat, but now I need to increase the movement. I'm just lazy.
And that's about it! I hope everyone else is good.

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