Sunday, July 22, 2012

Last post April 7 - what?

I guess I have been rather lax in the whole blogging thing. Not too much to say really. We're all doing well, keeping busy, and life rolls on quite well.

But it's summer vacation now. I have the next two weeks off. Yay! Bill is off to Newfoundland tomorrow for 9 days. We'll miss him.

So what's going on...
Well Duncan joined tae kwan do a few months ago and is just loving it. I was just reading Nancy's post on sports, and you really gotta find what your kid is interested in. We tried soccer - he couldn't care less. But he is LOVING karate (as they call it for the smaller kids). He is doing really well and his instructors let me know as such. They've been doing this a while and have a good feel for when kids are really into it, and the ones who are just in it for a bit of fun.

About karate. The school is part of the WTTU, which is part of the ATA. From what I understand it's kind of the biggest school of tae kwan do in the world. Master Hallie Fraser is a 6th degree black belt, and is just awesome. Anyhow, my best friend Rhonda's kids had joined, and then b/c it wasn't too much more, she joined. Well she had so much fun, she started trying to entice me to join. We got Duncan to join, and recently, I also joined now.

I love it! Oh my goodness it is so much fun. It's a good work out let me tell you, and I am only a white belt (joined 3 weeks ago). But I love it. Quite funny, I am like 25 years older than anyone else in the class, but the young people there are all great about it. So here I am. 38  and starting tae kwan do. Rhonda and I look forward to being in the same class because it would be fun to spar together.

Summer vacation. Going to be fun. I have a bunch of crafts lined up for the kids and am trying to arrange some play dates. I plan on getting some quilting done too. We'll miss daddy though! It was just too expensive for all of us to go out there.

And that's about it really. How are you?


Nancy said...

Jon and I took TKD back before kids, I was a high green belt, I think, and then got pregnant with Alex. He continued for a while but we'd moved further from the school and the commute got to be too much. Every now and then we both talk about going back to it, but it's been so long we'd have to start over. Actually I did go to a few classes through the fitness center at work but didn't stick with it.

But yes, you definitely have to find what your kid is into and may take a few seasons to figure that out. Both of my boys love soccer but just aren't that into baseball, Alex likes it for the social aspect more than anything.

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