Sunday, January 29, 2012

Farewell Mom Blogs

Many of you who read this (all 3 of you) know that I've been a bit of a blog addict for a few years now. I kind of fell into the world of Mom blogs when I was on mat leave. I saw Nancy had a link to 5 Minutes For Mom on her blog, followed it, followed more links... went from bookmarking everything to discovering Google Reader... and so became an addict.

And it's been fun. Some blogs I just really enjoy how they are written. Some I found were like bad car accidents - I just couldn't look away. I started to drop blogs that I couldn't handle the whining any more (some people tend to always blame other people for all their problems). And heck, it is fun to win stuff online. I average about 1 thing a month or so - everything from shoes (favourite win ever from My Organized Chaos), fabric, books, baby clothes, make up, and more.

There are still a few Canadian Based blogs I follow, as I actually find the information I get from them is useful or interesting in my daily life - Natural Mommie, Feisty Frugal and Fabulous, Glimpse, and My Organized Chaos.

But other than that, I'm done. I've found a lot of Mom blogs have just turned into these big social media machines and all they are interested in is building readers without providing any actual useful content. It's all "follow these 150 blogs on twitter and you can win a Kindle", or "follow all these people on facebook and wine an gift card". But they don't actually do proper reviews any more, and frankly I'm tired of them mucking up my inbox, and Reader feed.

And then Pinterest came along. Ahhh... Pinterest. Do you Pinterest? If no, well... it is a time suck, but a beautiful one. Find me at . And if you need an invite, just let me know. Side note... how beautiful Pinterest is. Yesterday Duncan and I were hanging out and he wanted to do something. I asked if he wanted to bake something. Yep, I said let's see what I have pinned. While going to my "Sweets" board, he sees the "For my Son" board, and asks to see what's inside. One of the things I have pinned inside is a home made Angry Birds game made with birds and pigs made out of yarn pom poms. Well then he asked if we could make that instead. It's a weak spot. I love it when the kids want to do crafty stuff. Cordie loves crafts, but is too young yet to ask for specific stuff. But Duncan and I often will put our heads together and make up stuff on our own, or by following something we've found in a magazine or online. Anyhow, so off to Michael's for yarn (yay Michael's iphone app... 25% off purchase!), and back home. We've now made 4 birds, and 5 pigs, and make buildings out of plastic ups... we glued googly eyes and beaks and eyebrows  on to all the characters... A happy kid, a home made game... never would have thought of it on my own. So anyhow, yay pinterest. Find the craft idea at and hers look much better than mine.

Anyhow back to Mom blogs. I'm tired of it, find it boring, and I have unsubscribed from the majority of the Mom blogs I used to follow. So I thank you for a few years of entertainment, and time killing, but I don't feel a loss there.

However, I have replaced Mom blogs with what I have termed "Quilty Crafty" blogs. This year I am really trying to up my quilting, learning more, trying more, producing more - out of love for quilting. And there is so much inspiration out there!! I can't always be downstairs quilting. Since the new year in the evening Bill and I have been heading to our respective rooms (the Man Cave and Sewrenity) for creative endeavours (Bill is doing some writing), and I'm actually almost done the top of my 1st started in 2012 quilting project. I won't go into it too much here. I've started a quilting blog at if you're interested. But it is all about quilting, and not much else.

Well I hope everyone is well. We are. Busy with life, but happy. Thanks for dropping by.


Nancy said...

Nice, blame me for your addiction. ;) And yes, Pinterest is indeed a beautiful time suck. My kids would love those angry birds, definitely something to look into!

Hoe said...

Life is more than just subscribing to blog, and win contest.
It is a joy to use the Next Blog button, and enter the life of other bloggers. It sure makes life more interesting.

Jim said...

I'm not a mom so I don't know anything about mom blogs but I found your comments interesting. I got into the social network on the advice of my publisher and found the whole thing to be just exactly as you described. Most of the people aren't interested or interesting. It's all about numbers. Accumulating followers, following as many as possible and running up huge numbers of tweets or posts. For what? I find no pleasure in that game so I have gone to reading blogs in search of interesting people.