Sunday, September 26, 2010

Our Las Vegas Adventure

Hi everyone!

I've been meaning to post since we got back about out little trip away, but I just haven't bothered :) You know it's funny how you go through enjoyment of the internet in bouts. Some times I could spend hours online, and then some times I couldn't care less. I stopped playing Farmville, I unsubscribed to a bunch of the blog I used to follow, I post on my blog less. It's all good though!

Anyhow, we're back from Vegas and had a wonderful, wonderful time. I would love it if we could take off there every year, and maybe we will. I doubt we can swing it next year with going to Hawaii in January (oh I didn't, tell you about that? Later then) and Bill's entire family coming out next fall. Yeah. 11 people in this house. Come to think of it I think I will go stay with my parents during that time and let them have fun of the place. LOL!

So we flew out Sunday morning, landed just after 1PM. Unfortunately our luggage didn't. We settled in and then headed over to Macy's to pick up some stuff we needed at least for the night (pjs, toiletries, etc...). I had bought travel insurance, and so if our bags were delayed by 12 hours we would get $400 each for necessities. Well the next morning our bag still hadn't arrived, and it had been 12 hours, and after checking with the insurance company twice ("really? we get $750?) we went shopping!! We hit Target (love Target! Got most of what we needed there), and then the mall with a Lane Bryant, and headed back to the hotel. That was quite fun. We still need to settle our claims with both Westjet and RBC, but we came out with better clothes than we went in with!

So let's see... lots of walking, not as much eating as we'd have thought. We'd have a good breakfast, split a sandwich at lunch, and a nice dinner. Did room service 3x - which said and done wasn't too horrible for the money. We did the CSI Experience... well let me back up. We stayed at the MGM Signature in Tower 3 and LOVED IT. It is set way back from the strip (like 3 blocks, although attached to the MGM - it's down form the Miracle Mile Mall, which was actually a decent shopping place). Aside from the pillows being way too soft, it was fantastic and I would totally stay there again. We cabbed almost everywhere, which is totally the way to go if you don't want to spend your whole day walking.

So, CSI we had discount tickets for and it was worth about that. No where near as much fun as the old Star trek Experience used to be. Lounged by the pool - and in the pool. Enjoyed the real jacuzzi bath tub in our suite. We saw the Lion King which we loved. Lots of fun. We ate dinner at Emeril's - which was also fun and delicious. We plugged $40 into the slot machines and cashed out at $80 which paid for some ice cream, Starbucks, and Burger King on the way home at McCaran Airport which later gave Bill food poisoning. Poor guy still feels like crud. But at least that didn't hit until we got home.

Mom and Dad did awesome with the kids. Thank you again. I think we wore Mom out, but she survived :) And the kids were mostly really good for her. Even Strider didn't mind having the dog around.

Oh, and our luggage did show up on day 3. The handle holding all the tags had ripped off and then for some reason it went to L.A. instead of Las Vegas, but they got it to us. So we came home with 2x as much stuff as we went with, but customs had no problem with that. Westjet is being good about it. Actually, they were all fantastic to us.

Another comment. Every service person in LV was just so nice. You know people actually seem to enjoy their jobs whether it's being a waitress, a cashier, a bell hop, room service, cabbies... everyone was just really pleasant. We look forward to heading back!

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Nancy said...

Sounds like a great trip! I wanted to do the CSI Experience but we never got to it. We're hoping we can go next year when Jimmy Buffett plays there (we couldn't afford it this year) so if that's still going on I want to do it. Glad you got your luggage back and they didn't hassle you about having too much stuff on the way home.