Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Today January 25, 2011

In an effort to step up my blogging again, inspired by Colorado Nancy - here I am! Good morning!

Outside my window it is raining. Again. I don't mind the rain, but the kids really want to get outside and play play play. And it's just too cold and damp to do that right now.

I am reading:
Kind of inbetween books right now. I think I'm going to read Watermelon by Marian Keyes next. I just finished one of the books I won in the November Romance Book giveaway over on Simply Stacey, and before that I read a Carole Matthews book...oh my I can't remember I read something else inbetween, but for the life of me I can't remember what.

I've joined Weight Watchers again. You know, previously I lost 50 lbs on WW, so it's time to do that again. I know I can do it again. I actually really like the new Points Plus system as all fruit and most veggies are free, so I don't need to think 2x about grabbing a piece of fruit if I need a snack or something. I joined last Tuesday, but am changing my weigh in to Saturday mornings, and will go with my Mom. So I have not done my 1st weigh in yet.

In the kitchen:
Well in an effort to step up healthier eating I've reached for my Hungry Girl cookbook.
Faux Fried Chicken and roasted butternut Squash
Sloppy Janes - made this with veggie ground round and some PC Thins hamburger buns - was quite tasty!
Pork chops with potatoes and veggies
Hamburgers and Sweet potato fries
Seseame Chicken and rice

Around the house:
Well now we've been here for 6 months it's time to go through everything again, declutter more, clean things up, and do some painting. We need to finish putting casings around the doors downstairs where we moved the door for my sewing room into the main hall. We need to paint the 3rd bathroom and finish off adding things like towel bars and a mirror and vanity lights etc... Bill would like to paint the entry way. We need to fix the paint in Cordie's room as our sweetheart started peeling the fishy border off the wall and it looks really bad now. We need to price out and replace our back deck. This is the big one - we knew this when we moved in. Bill hopes he may be able to do work with my Dad helping him out. He's been enjoying doing more around the house and becoming a handyman. I also need to go through the kids drawers, pull out everything that no longer fits... Tanya, I will have clothes for your sons soon - maybe a good chance to get together?

This week:
normal week here. Monday night Bill had swimming lessons -yep, Bill is learning how to swim. I think it's awesome. he wants to be able to keep up with Duncan. Otherwise, drop off the kids, work, pick them up, dinner, play, bed.

And that's it here!! Time for some coffee and then get the kids up. Have a wonderful day!


Tanya Baron said...

Wow! You have clothes for us? I just finished telling Alita the Duncan Gravy Train had ended!
I would LOVE to see you! And we could ... *GASP* play a game! Our kids are old enough to put to bed now!

Dee said...

I've been thinking about weight watchers...more than anything just to keep from any mindless eating!

Carole said...

I actually really like the new plan. I lost 4 lbs with my 1st weigh in... my Mom lost 6.2! if you think about it and want some opinions, let me know! Thanks for dropping by Dee!