Sunday, January 23, 2011


Okay, so I've only been home for a week and a half. Sorry I didn't write sooner. I just haven't been spending any time on the computer. It actually took a bit to get over the 2 hour time difference. I think it's just enough to throw you off. Next time we stay longer!

Flight - this was what I was worried about the most. How would both kids do on the flight, and how would Cordie be if we didn't get a seat for her to use? Well Westjet stepped up and got us an extra seat - yay! They both did awesome. I brought a big selection of snacks, movies and other activities and they did really well. We landed at I think 4 PM and got into the resort around 6. Everyone else stopped at Costco to buy groceries but we figured with the kids it would just be best to get to our place and settle down. Oma brought us some breakfast chicken and veggies and stuff, and that was perfect.

The next day we had to go grocery shopping, but Duncan really wanted to go swimming at the Pirate Pool outside.

Well we had other stuff to do first, so thank goodness the Lord provided us with a downpour to put him off for a bit. We got lots of use out of the pirate pool though, which was just for little kids. In fact even Erik and Katie only managed to sneak in after it was dark out.

Anyhow, off to Safeway. Yeah, everything is expensive there. Actually we found lots of the prices are comparable to home, but just expensive compared to the rest of the US. Oh, and the booze was cheap, so we had enough wine and other stuff to do just fine.

Sleeping arrangements:
This was the other thing I was worried about was how sleep was going to work out. We actually thought we were going to need to sleep on the sofa bed and let Duncan have our bed. But the 1st night of laying on that thing I said forget it and climbed into bed with Duncan - you know the king sized gorgeously plush bed in the other room? Oh that felt nice. Oh, and Cordie had a crib, which worked fine for her. Anyhow, the 2nd night we said to Duncan do you want to sleep on the sofa bed? And he thought that was pretty cool. I was worried that he would wake up too much if we moved him - nope, not a problem. So that worked great, and we got the nice bed :)

Daily routine was some variation of this:
Get up, give the kids snacks, sit on the balcony and have some coffeem, have a nice leisurely breakfast, go play in a pool - the pirate pool or the shallow pool on side over. There was another one with a slide, but Duncan wasn't big enough for that one, and we didn't want to tease him that he couldn't go, so we just didn't swim there. Back to the room for lunch, naps for the kids while we napped/read/had a drink, and two times my Mom watched them while we went into Lahaina once and for a drive up Island once. After naps down to the beach for sand train building,

jumping in the waves, hanging with Oma and Opa,
and whale watching. Back to the room, clean up, dinner with the family. Most nights we all brought our own thing down to BBQ - the resort had BBQs all over which was really great, but we'd all hang out while we ate. Uncle Sean learned how much work it was to chase a Cordie. LOL! Then up to my brother's place (next door - we were all in a row) for drinks and hanging out on the balcony, which was nice b/c we could put Cordie to bed and use the monitor and still go hang out.

We also went to the Aquarium one rainy day - which was cool, but expensive, and perhaps the kids weren't old enough for it yet.

Bill took Duncan on the Sugar Cane Train - which Duncan just loved.

 (on the Sugar Cane Train)

We were supposed to use the round trip another day, but the day we were going to a Kona storm rolled in and it was closed down. I also took the kids to a local playground one morning while Bill was watching football. That was fun b/c it was a park local people use and I got to chat with some local Moms and Grandmoms while the kids played together.

Mom and Dad took us out for a family dinner one night. Cordie was a little owly at that one, but it was nice! And we also all went to a Luau one night, which was a hoot.

Again, Cordie didn't like to sit still - but she was just wiggly, not fussy, so I'm good if she is not screaming *grin*.

Final thoughts? How soon can we save up to go back? We loved it. I had been to Maui before, and Bill and I had been to Waikiki a few years ago, but seeing that the kids were so easy to travel with, and knowing how kid friendly Maui is, we want to go back - and for longer!! It will take a few years, but we'll swing it.

Thanks again to Oma and Opa for this wonderful trip.

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