Friday, October 22, 2010

Friday Ramblings

Stealing from Nancy's subject line... sometimes it's hard to think of something more catchy. I couldn't believe it had been 2 weeks since I blogged.

I guess there isn't too much to say anyhow... things, over all, are good.

  • The Wiggles concert on Oct 10 was loads of fun. I hope I can take the kids many times before they tire of it. We were in 14th row floor, which meant we got to see most of the Wiggles right up close while they walked through the audience, but it was quite difficult for Duncan to see, so in the future, up in the stands.
  • Thanksgiving was nice too. Mom and Dad came over. My chicken didn't cook proper, but there was more than enough food so we just threw the chicken in the oven and had it for lunches.
  • My new team at work is going well. I'm still quite slow, but I've actually transitioned into this new team quite easily, which is good. I still have a lot of learning to do b/c it is a new block of work, but I thought I was going to be quite anxious about the whole thing, and I'm not. My new team seems to be a really good group of people.
  • Bill has strep throat. I hate sore throats so I feel especially bad for him. I also take back all my jokes about man colds b/c it turns out he actually is sicker than I am.
The kids are good. Cordie is loving the freedom of walking, and now thinks it is quite fun to climb up the baby gate and ride on it... so Dad is coming over tomorrow to put up out climb proof one we hadn't installed yet. We took it from the other house but this one had one at the top of the stairs so we never bothered to put the other one one.

Duncan is doing awesome with school. He is really enjoying it and learning lots. I know this b/c he talks about things he's learned there, which is awesome. The other day we're out for a walk and talking about the seasons and he asked why there were seasons and we said b/c God made it that way. And he says "Just like he made the light and the dark?" That's right bud! So it's sinking in, which is great.

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