Monday, September 5, 2011

Sitting here with my feet up

Hello friends! It's Labour Day, and I am doing anything but labouring :) I am sitting on the couch with my feet up - and that's about it!

Recovery from surgery is getting better every day, but I had a bit of a complication this morning. Saturday I over did it a bit - I know that. Sunday I noticed I was quite sore and there was a lump near one of the incisions. Well this morning Duncan accidentally elbowed me in that spot and caused a bit of a set back.

I guess it goes to show how tricky it is when you're feeling 'better', over do it, and then have a set back. I don't doubt now that I need the rest of the week to really take it easy and continue my recovery. While it is nice to be sitting here reading, playing on the computer, watching tv, and have my wonderful husband take care of everything, it is kind of hard to not participate at all. I guess it is good to know I'm not inherently a lazy ass :)

So one more week off work. I just saw Nancy's Datebook entry and I thought oh maybe I should do one too, but realized I don't have much to say. Meal plans are whatever we're pulling together, no activities planned because I can't really go anywhere. Um...reading - oh I am reading the Dresden books by Jim Butcher. I am enjoying them as much as Bill said I would.

Oh, Bill wrote a book this weekend!! He actually finished it in 2 days, so is using this afternoon to clean it up a bit, but even if he were to send it off now, it is good enough! I'm really happy it worked out for him to do this.

Did I mention my addiction to Pinterest? Insane. Fun.

 I hope back to school goes well for everyone! I'll post pictures of Duncan dressed up for school on Thursday.

Until then, is a picture of Cordie in her fancy shoes, her fire fighter's hat, and purse in hand - ready to go to the store.

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Meg@MegaCrafty said...

Hope your recover is going well- continue to take it easy!