Friday, December 10, 2010

Hi hi!

Hey friends! Yes its me, your non-blogger friend Carole. As you can tell I have not been blogging much. I just don't have time. I am totally behind on my blog roll, in fact I just clear it out unread more often that not. I haven't been on facebook much, and emails get deleted too. Just busy with life and taking less computer time.

But we're all doing well. Having fun ramping up for Christmas. We decorated the tree this week and Duncan had a blast helping with that. Of course, as would happen when a 4 year old decorates a tree, all the ornaments are all in one section. I moved a few of them b/c they were falling off the branches where he put 2 or 3 on the same branch, but otherwise I left it alone b/c I love how it looks. Cordie is also fascinated with the tree but so far has not knocked it over.

Tomorrow I am leaving for Seattle very early in the morning and am going to visit Laura for the morning. It's the only day we could make it work for me to come and visit. Mom wanted to tag along, so the two of us are going to go and hope to be home by 3 PM or so. Bill has the kids home today, and tomorrow. Not that he can't handle them, but I don't want to be gone all day!

Duncan's birthday was a week ago. Our little boy is 4! We had fun with a little party for him at our house. 4 of his friends came over, but with parents and siblings etc, we had a good crowd, and it was lots of fun.

Let's see what else... both kids are good. Bill transfered to the Abbotsford office which was effective this week. The hope was that he'd have a shorter commute, be able to leave later in the morning, and get to see the kids in the morning. Well let me tell you - it worked! His commute is now 35 minutes, he doesn't have to leave the house until 7:20, and is home around 4:50. I'm home with the kids around 4:30, so it all works out great. As a result we're also taking turns working out in the morning before the kids are up. This is good b/c to say I am a bit huggable would be an understatement :) But I'm working on it.

Alright, I told Bill I would make pancakes for everyone this AM as we're out of bread. I already made the batter, but should now go and actually make the pancakes. Everyone is still sleeping, which is not horrible.

Take care everyone!


Nancy said...

Hi! Happy birthday Duncan! I miss your cheery posts but I understand the busy life. :)

Tanya Baron said...

Hi HI!! Awesome!
Your commute times are starting to become similar to ours. Paradice. Though I leave early-ish most mornings and Andre certainly doesn't go have a workout after I leave. He takes a nap before work! I am SO happy for you.