Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Checking for a pulse

Hi friends! I'm writing before you start checking for my pulse! Not much on facebook, not much blogging. You know, work is so crazy all the time by the time I get home and sit at the computer for a few minutes I'm ready for bed. Don't feel like doing much at all. The kids have been waking up earlier (the time change didn't help that) so I don't even really get my morning 30 minutes email and a coffee time. And b/c work is so insane, I don't have time to check things there.

But we're all doing well!! Bill is sick again... he had strep throat a few weekends ago and it has now apparently moved into his chest and he has bronchitis. He has Friday off, and was going to send the kids to daycare, but I'd already told her they were staying home, so she made other plans... so he'll have to rest another day :)

The kids are good. Duncan is doing awesome in his second year of preschool. I am loving how much he is learning both academically (pre-K program) and with going to the Christian school the things he comes home with wanting to talk about God and sing Bible songs etc... I love it!

Cordie is just growing by leaps and bounds. She is such a funny girl. Loving the world of walking. She loves books "Book! Book!". She loves Bubbles "bubble? bubble!!" for bath time. She loves cookies "cookie? cookie?" That's my girl!!

Like I said work is busy, but I'm doing well with my new team and all. Picking up the pace. But the pace is so fast the days fly and the weeks fly. Not too long until Hawaii now! Woo hoo!! So who is all in favour of drugging children for a flight? What worked for you? I'm not so concerned about Duncan, but Cordie, who won't have her own seat will be the challenge. She is not going to want to sit on laps for 5 hours. We'll figure it out.

Books - finished the Girl with the Dragon Tattoo and enjoyed it. Now finally reading World Without End by Ken Follett, sequel to the Pillars of the Earth. I loved Pillars, and am really enjoying this one now. Nice thick 1000 page novel with small print.

Alright, and as a large yawn just over took me, I need to head to bed. Good night!


Tanya Baron said...

I'm in favour of drugging the kids for the flight. We took gravol to France with us, but we actually didn't end up using it.

roses&pen said...

hope ur doing well :D